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Whether simply for pleasure, to improve focus and creativity, expand ones mind or even make peace with past traumas and/or habits – we believe access to psychotropic substances are a fundamental right in a free society. Psychedelic mushrooms are our passion, and we’re proud to offer the fruits of our labor of love to our fellow Canadians for whatever needs they may have.


Canada’s most popular strains meticulously grown and harvested for optimal potency and safety and sold at a great cost.

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    We’re greatly picky about product quality & our selection is continually being refined & is comprised of the most exquisite buds known to humankind.
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    The customer is our topmost priority, & we work hard to make sure that your privacy is never compromised.
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At Magic-Microsose we’re proud to offer a various and tasty selection of the finest mushroom and cannabis products on the market now. Whether you prefer tasty edibles like mushroom chocolate or gummies, or keeping it easy with cannabis concentrates, when you choose to order from Magic Microdose, you can enjoy your next psychedelic experience with out worrying about the safety or effectiveness of the product. We only work with top Canadian mushroom and cannabis brands to ensure you have the most fun and pleasant experience imaginable.

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What our customer says

Incredibly high-quality product. I have been microdosing for about 3 months and I can feel I've become more decisive, creative, and less cognitive restriction. An effective antithesis to cannabis which was making me even more depressed and anxious. Psilocybin is the future and B.G. is doing great work for a great cause.


After my first dose I experienced life again. The positive and beautiful feelings of enjoying living. I have tried everything to kill my depression. I have found the answer, I have been given a gift. Thank you Magic Microdose with all of my heart

Patricia James

It was my first time trying shrooms/ microdosing and I have to say it really changed my life and perspective. I was on anti depressants before but I have stopped taking them because of microdosing and I’ve never felt better. The best part is it’s all natural and not bomb!

Steven Rashford

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