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  • October 26, 2019
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A psychedelic trip fueled by psilocybin will stimulate your sense and give you a new insight of the environment around you. The experience is unique, honest, and therapeutic. However, a magic mushroom trip can go either way. Be ready for anything and everything.

It’s important to be 100% confident in everything you do because once the trip begins, it’s not easy to get off early. Even if the trip turns bad, some preparation will help you turn it around.

Preparing for a shroom trip is important. Here are the following mistakes people make when ingesting magic mushrooms.

Picking the Wrong Setting

The right environment is one of the most important factors to examine before a trip. The right environment should provide privacy and plenty of space permitting you to fully explore and stretch your body throughout the psychedelic adventure. Once these are met, you will have the sensation overload of your life.

Sadly, some newbies make the error of ingesting magic mushrooms in a public place. Some even try communicating with other people to disastrous results. Avoid places with plenty of people to negate paranoia and other negative feelings.

Tripping with Wrong Friends

Tripping out with somebody who do not have an attraction for the psychedelic experience and the feelings of transcendence associated with it is a waste of shrooms. What’s even worse is sometimes, you can’t ease into the trip because your companions are laughing at your twisted face. These feelings are processed by your body negatively and you end up freaking out.

When taking magic mushrooms in the company of others, it’s best to choose companions who have experience in tripping. You can even take it a notch further by enlisting the help of a trip sitter. A trip sitter is someone who stays sober while you get high, guides you through the process, and helps you with your needs before, during, and after the trip. A trip sitter makes a psychedelic experience much safer and is recommended for newbie shroomers.

Combining Magic Mushrooms with Alcohol and Other Drugs

Magic mushrooms are already potent psychedelics. Mixing them up with other substances is not wise especially if you’re new. Mixing drugs with magic mushrooms increase the chances of a bad trip.

Combining alcohol and shrooms will not work out well and exacerbate disorientation, delirium, and violence. Getting drunk at the beginning of the trip also means you’re more likely to get sick and want to vomit. Throwing up midway through the experience won’t end the trip but will significantly reduce its intensity and length.

Being in a Bad Attitude when Tripping

Your mindset will determine whether or not you’ll have a positive experience with magic mushrooms. The more positive you feel, the more likely you’ll have a positive experience. A good trip is an extremely profound experience where a person report feelings of joy and connectedness to others and the world around them.

On the other hand, people who hang on to feelings of resentment, anger, and melancholy are more likely to turn their psychedelic experience into a bad trip.

Viewing at Disturbing Images on Shrooms

One of the main effects of psilocybin is visual hallucinations. Typical hallucinations while on mushrooms can be as subtle or strong depending on the dosage of magic mushroom you have ingested.

Hallucinations are usually projected onto the environment from your psyche and it depends on how your senses interpret them. When looking at things, you don’t just perceive them. You also take in the feelings associated with them. When you look at a scary or disturbing image, your negative feelings about the image will be magnified by the shrooms.

Speaking Too Much When Tripping

A common mistake for newbie shroomers is they don’t stop talking. It’s not unheard of for a new shroomers to ramble on about how the room changes, how time feels longer, and how there are unicorns running around the room.

While talking through the experience might seem therapeutic, it actually damages your trip because your brain can’t relax and travel deep into your subconscious.

Relax. Keep quiet. You’ll have plenty of time to discuss the trip once it passes.

Using Psilocybin to Escape Problems

If you enjoy tripping out too much that you want to do it again as soon as possible, chances are there is some deficiency in your life and you’re using psilocybin to make up for what your life is missing.

While psilocybin can put you on a psychedelic journey that will make you more self-aware and give you a better perspective in life, it should not be used as an escape from the real world. Respect the psychedelic experience and don’t just use it simply to get lost inside your mind. While magic mushrooms are not addictive, you might become dependent on them to escape from your current situation.

Don’t overuse psilocybin if you’re in an unsatisfying life situation. Get your life together.

Not Scheduling Enough Time for Your Trip

Being pressed by time is not a great condition for tripping. Your perception of time will already be distorted and time pressure can have devastating effects by creating paranoia. A usual psilocybin trip will finish in about 6 hours so make sure you have 8 hours of free time.

A psilocybin trip will help you discover new things about yourself. Take time to ponder and know yourself more.

Tripping without Intent

Psychedelic mushrooms aren’t just drugs you take for the simple purpose of tripping out and seeing beautiful colors and hearing sounds.

Trip with intent. Magic mushrooms go much deeper than self-entertainment. Treat psychedelic mushrooms with respect. It’s like a therapeutic session where you can have a profound and honest conversation with yourself. Commit yourself and confront the conflicts and negative memories as they arise. It’s not uncommon to cry when tripping out on shrooms for the first time.

Here are some questions you can ponder when tripping to give your experience more structure and purpose:

  • What do you want in life?
  • What is holding you back?
  • How does your behavior affect your goals and beliefs?
  • What would you change about your life?
  • What is your reality?

Focus on your emotions and you will wind up with amazing life lessons.

You would know when you are physically and mentally ready for a magic mushroom trip. As soon as you feel you’re ready, order magic truffles online from Truffle Magic for psychedelic fungi delivered right to your house.

Order magic truffles online today and happy tripping!

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